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Kiosk Concepts

Our coffee kiosk plans are drawn to include a structural steel frame wrapped in an exterior designed to be in harmony with the surrounding context. Whether it is a northern location with cedar siding and a roof designed to redirect snow runoff, or a southern location with architectural elements suited to the plains of Texas, we have the flexibility in the design and the materials to work with your neighborhood.

The steel structure plan is designed to meet all applicable code requirements for withstanding lateral and overturning forces specific to each kiosk location. In other words, our kiosk will stay in place when installed.

We can provide both permanent and semi-permanent kiosk plans, as required by local building and zoning officials. We also provide designs with and without restroom facilities as required by the local building code at each location.

While there are several options for getting your morning coffee, our kiosk designs offer a facility that is secure, accommodating, and friendly to the neighborhoods it calls home.


This gambrel styled barn skin complete with coppula yearns for yesterday and is a great exterior skin when looking to stand out from the modern architecture on most strips. the bright red colors on sidewalls and roof also help the building to stand out. In the drive-thru coffee business, the building is as much the brand as the brand.
A variation of our popular alpine themed kiosk, this slick kiosk design is built to last, with a brick facade, and metal roof. The gable brow is an attractive addition, which allows for many gable signage options. Coming in a nearly limitless amount of color options, this building can be made to fit in nicely with current surroundings.
The famed "alpine"design is a fixture in Michigan. The stained cedar shakes adorn the top half of the building, while the bottom contrasts nicely with stained vertical siding. The bands and trim pieces are boldly colored to further define this sharp building.
At home on the shore of a seaside village, or any lake town or city across the nation, this particular design can be built with pier posts at the corners acting as protective bollards. The verticle siding below the drive-thru windows, contrasts nicely with the cedar shake on the upper wall and gables. Backlit gable signage can also be added to catch the eye of the early morning commuter.
This building was designed to fit in nicely in the Southwest region of our nation. The clay tile roof sits atop a bold combination of brick and stucco. The oversized serving windows allow your customers to get a better view of the barista as the drink is prepared.