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About The Designers

Kerby Sides, is the founder of the nationally known drive-thru coffee enterprise, Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee. The chain of branded and non-branded drive-thru's is an improbable expansion from a single location startup in 2003. No longer involved in the retail aspects of the business, Kerby and team are now focused on expanding the industry, while helping entrepreneurs with the often prohibitive barriers hindering startups.

Bradley J. Butcher, AIA has been in the business of architecture for nearly 25 years. In the course of that time, he has developed a strong set of principles for the practice of design and planning. These principles, developed through academic and professional training, led Brad into private practice in 1996. In 2001, the firm became Bradley J. Butcher & Associates, PC.


In 2003, Brad and Kerby teamed up and began designing the first of many renditions of the now familiar buildings. Through trial and error, varying municipality requirements, unique climate demands, property owner requirements, and many other technical, but important facets, an extraordinary building has been molded , designed and updated. And now, with this collaborative effort, the plans are being offered to you at a price far less than you would pay to start from scratch.